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Tour of Slovenia, 5thstage, (Trebnje – Novo mesto, 167,5 km)

Nizzoli ahead of Mezgec, Ulissi defends the green jersey #video



Giacomo Nizzolo
Foto: Sportida

Italian Giacomo Nizzolo (Team Dimension Data) has won 5thstage of the 26thTour of Slovenia. The stage started in Trebnje and finished in Novo mesto. Second place went to Luka Mezgec (Mitchelton-Scott), 3rdwas Shane Archbold (BORA-hansgrohe). Green jersey stayed on the shoulders of Diego Ulissi (UAE Team Emirates).


Finish - Novo mesto:
1. Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita/Dimension Data)
 2. Luka Mezgec (Slo/Michelton-Scott)
3. Shane Archbold (Nzl/BORA-Hansgrohe)

14:52, 6 km to go: Cyclists are already in Novo mesto. Everything is ready for the grand finale.

14:50: Less than 10 km to go. Who will win last stage of 26thTour of Slovenia?

14:45, 13 km to go: We’ll get today’s winner from the leading group. Luka Mezgec (Micheltton-Scott) is also in that group.

14:40, 18 km to go: Leaders are now over one minute ahead of the chasers, the main group has lost the contact on the climb to Vahta.

14:30, 24 km to go: Cyclist are on the descent from Vahta and are getting close to Novo mesto. Luka Mezgec (Michelton-Scott) & Giovanni Visconti (Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM) are also in that group.

3rdcat KOM finish - Vahta (138,4 km):
1. Marco Marcato (Ita/UAE Team Emirates) 
2. Diego Ulissi (Ita/UAE Team Emirates)
3. Edoardo Zardini (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM)

14:25, 30 km to go: What a race! We all expected a boring race and a sprint finish in Novo mesto, but we now have the battle of the best on the last climb. Looks like we’ll not see a classical sprint, the typical sprinters are not even close. There are only 20 cyclists left in the front.

14:20: Average speed after three hours is 41,1 km/h.

14:17: Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data) also can’t keep up with the pace of the leaders.

14:15, 35 km to go: Team Gazprom-RusVelo is again on the fast pace and is causing problems to the peloton. The break is done.

14:12, 37 km to go: Only Domen Novak (Slo/Bahrain-Merida) & Umberto Marengo (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM) are left in the front. Gašper Katrašnik (Slo/Adria Mobil) Benjamin Hill (Aus/Ljubljana Gusto Santic) are waiting for the peleton. The gap is 35 seconds.

14:10, 38 km to go: Cyclists are already on the last mountain finish on the race – Vahta. Leaders are 30 seconds ahead of the peloton.

14:07: Peloton realized the danger and is now holding the gap at 50 seconds.

Intermediate sprint - Metlika (125,8 km):
1. Benjamin Hill (Avs/Ljubljana Gusto Santic)
2. Umberto Marengo (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM)
3. Domen Novak (Slo/Bahrain-Merida)

14:05, 43 km to go: Breakaway riders are now 50 seconds ahead of the peloton.

14:00, 45 km to go: Interesting group was formed in the front, with riders that are well rested. If the peloton lets them go they could make it to Novo mesto.

13:55, 48 km to go: Lots of action on the race. We have a new break that is now 40 seconds ahead of the peloton. Riders in the escape areDomen Novak (Slo/Bahrain-Merida), Umberto Marengo (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM), Gašper Katrašnik (Slo/Adria Mobil) Benjamin Hill (Avs/Ljubljana Gusto Santic) .

13:50, 52 km to go: End of the attack. Group with Giovanni Visconti has caught the breakaway riders. The peloton is back together.

13:44, 56 km to go: The breakaway riders are caught. We now have new leading group with Vlasov, Pogačar and Ulissi.

Intermediate sprint - Črnomelj (110,9 km):
1. Przemysław Kasperkiewicz (Pol/Delko–Marseille Provence)
2. Žiga Horvat (Slo/Adria Mobil)
3. Charles Planet (Fra/Novo Nordisk) 

13:35, 63 km to go: Team Gazprom-RusVelo is riding with very strong pace, the main group is stretched out. They are now only one minute 30 seconds behind the breakaway.

13:30, 70 km to go: Cyclists are in Semič and on the way to Črnomelj. Leaders are still two minutes ahead. Team Gazprom-RusVelo is now in the front with the harsh pace.

3rdKOM finish - Brezje (95,6 km):
1. Przemysław Kasperkiewicz (Pol/Delko–Marseille Provence)
2. Charles Planet (Fra/Novo Nordisk)
3. Žiga Horvat (Slo/Adria Mobil)

13:20, 75 km to go: Break is still 2:40 ahead of the main group.

13:10, 80 km to go: Cyclists are in the second half of the stage. They are on the climb to Brezje, the 3rdcategory KOM finish. Leaders are 2 minutes 30 seconds ahead of the main group.

13:02: Average speed after two hours is 41 km/h.

Po Sloveniji Foto: Vid Ponikvar

13:00: There was a car accident close to Dvor pri Žužemberk. Peloton had to avoid the wreck and the emergency staff that was on scene. The break is still two minutes ahead. 

12:53, 80 km: We’re almost at the half of the stage. Leaders are still two minutes ahead of the main group.

12:44, 70 km: No dramatic news from the race. Three cyclists in the lead are still 2 minutes 10 seconds ahead.

12:22: Three riders are still holding on to the lead of 2:40.

12:11, 50 km: Umberto Marengo (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM) has stoped and is waiting for the main group. Three leaders Przemysław Kasperkiewicz (Pol/Delko–Marseille Provence), Žiga Horvat (Slo/Adria Mobil) & Charles Planet (Fra, Novo Nordisk) are now 2 minutes 30 seconds ahead of the main group.

Po Sloveniji Foto: Vid Ponikvar

12:08: Gap of the break is still modest. It’s going up and down, right now is at 2:40.

12:05: Average speed after first hour is 41,1 km/h.

11:55, 35 km: The gap between the leaders and main group is now at 3 minutes 10 seconds.

Intermediate sprint - Ivančna Gorica (31,1 km):
1. Umberto Marengo (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM)
2. Charles Planet (Fra, Novo Nordisk)
3. Przemysław Kasperkiewicz (Pol/Delko–Marseille Provence)

11:50: Mezgec’s team Mitchelton-Scott is now in the front row of the main peloton. Lead is now just under four seconds.

11:42, 25 km: Gap of the break is already at 4:10.

11:38, 22 km: Main group is very slow, leaders are already 4 minutes ahead. Race management has issued warning about the roads – there is water and mud in some areas due to the rain & storms.

11:30, 17 km: Finally! Przemysław Kasperkiewicz (Pol/Delko–Marseille Provence), Žiga Horvat (Slo/Adria Mobil), Charles Planet (Fra, Novo Nordisk) and Umberto Marengo (Ita/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM) are in the proper break. They are one minute and a half ahead of the peloton.

11:25: It’s not over yet. Žiga Horvat (Slo/Adria Mobil) also jumped, but the gap is very small.

11:15: Two more cyclists are out of the breakaway - Luka Lakota (Slo/Team Slovenia) & Aljaž Prah (Slo/Ljubljana Gusto Santic). The eight remaining cyclists are only 15 seconds ahead now. Sebastian Schönberger (Avt/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM) won the premium intermediate sprint in Čatež.

🇸🇮 Tour of Slovenia 🌧️ Pouring rain also on the start ☔ Riders getting used to it 😆 #RideAsOne #BAHRAINMERIDA🇧🇭

Objavil/a Team Bahrain Merida dne Nedelja, 23. junij 2019

11:13: Joonas Henttala (Fin/Novo Nordisk) has fell out od the break. Rest of 10 riders can create a big gap, peloton is keeping them at 20 seconds.

11:07: Just like predicted – the breakaway has happened. 11 cyclists are in the escape: Luka Lakota (Slo/Team Slovenia), Przemysław Kasperkiewicz (Pol/Delko–Marseille Provence), Juraj Sagan (Svk/BORA-Hansgrohe), Rasmus Tiller (Nor/Dimension Data), Sebastian Schönberger (Avt/Neri Sottoli–Selle Italia–KTM), Joonas Henttala (Fin/Novo Nordisk), Joan Bou Company (Spa/Nippo-Vini Fantini), Domen Novak (Slo/Bahrain-Merida), Florian Kierner (Avt/Felbermayr - Simplon Wels), Aljaž Prah (Slo/Ljubljana Gusto Santic) &Žiga Horvat (Slo/Adria Mobil). They have a lead of 30 seconds.

11:03: Cyclists passed 0 km mark. Like every day we already have first attacks and breakaway attempts.

10:55: Cyclists are still behind the race vehicle, the race will start soon. Weather is not good, it’s raining again.

10:50: The final stage of 26thTour of Slovenia has started. 111 cyclists are on the start of the stage, but Pascal Ackerman is not among them. He’s not feeling OK.

Start - Trebnje

Cyclist will also have to pass two 3rdcategory mountain finishes today – Brezje and Vahta. There are still 30 kilometers after the last climb to Novo mesto, this year we’ll only see one loop around the city center and finish. Race starts in Trebnje at 10:50.

3D-predstavitev 5. etape

Profil 5. etape:



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